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Vince Cable – Biography Net Worth Books Brexit Wife



Vince Cable full name is John Vincent Cable politician in the United Kingdom

Vince Cable full name is John Vincent Cable politician in the United Kingdom. he has served as deputy party leader in the year 2006-10 in Liberal Democrats party. he has very impressive political records in the UK government.

Vince Cable – Biography

  • Vince cable born in York, England on 9 May 1943.
  • Political party Liberal Democrats (1988 – present).
  • Cable studied in Economics at the universities Cambridge and Glasgow.
  • He was received a PhD in 1973 at University of Glasgow.
  • cable worked as an economic adviser in the Government of Kenya for 3 years. 1966-1968.
  • Cable has long experience in private and public economist which leads Liberal Democrat spokesman.

Vince Cable – Political career

9 May 1943born in York, England
1966-68economic adviser to the in Kenya
1970-80Commonwealth Secretary-General
1968-74 Economics at Glasgow University.
1995-97Chief Economist for Shell
1970 Labour Party
1982Social Democratic Party,
2003Liberal Democrats Spokesman 
2006Deputy Leader
2017Strategic advisor on the World Trade Board
2019election of a new leader.

Vince Cable – Net Worth

  • MP annual salary of £76,011. 
  • total estimated earnings in that year £192,000 which include £20,000 from books selling.
  • Public speaking and keynote speaker charges up to $15000.
  • Three-bedroom semi-detached house in Twickenham $14000.

Vince Cable – Books


Vince Cable – Brexit

Cable trusts that Brexit may never happen. He keeps up that they will betray it when individuals see the financial expenses and a cross-party alliance of adversaries to Brexit may create. Cable said if individuals’ expectations for everyday comforts declined and joblessness rose, “the entire inquiry of proceeded with enrollment will emerge once more.

Vince Cable – Wife & Children

  • Vince Cable has two wives Olympia Rebelo she died in 2001.
  • After Rebelo. he marries with Rachel Smith in 2004.
  • Vince Cable has 3 children.
  • Vince has three children with his first wife Aida Cable, Paul Cable and Hugo Cable.

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